3 Ways to Cure Scalp Acne

Scalp Acne is the top 5 most common scalp problem, especially in Singapore. Living in such a humid atmosphere, you're bound to get clogged scalp pores that might result in scalp acne.

What is a scalp acne?

The easiest way to understand scalp acne is to compare it with our face acne. It is essentially the same thing, except, one is less cared for.

Here are the most common reasons why scalp acnes are formed:

- Dandruff. Dandruffs might be caused by oily scalp, and the excessive amount of oil accumulated on your scalp might clog up your pores.

- Unwashed hair. Dirt and bacteria gets trapped in your scalp when you don't wash your hair. Imagine if you don't wash your face for 2 days. Yeap..

- Stress. When you're stressed, you produce more sebum, which causes your scalp to be oilier than usual.


But not to worry, it's not a permanent problem.


These are some solutions that you can easily follow at home.

1. Frequent Shampoo Wash

shampoo frequently frequency how frequent

Your hiatus from washing hair might not be all good. While your hair might look healthier from all the oil produced, but your scalp might be drowning in it. If you want good hair, you should worry about your scalp instead. Make sure you wash off all the shampoo thoroughly.

⇩ The frequency of shampooing should be depended on your hair type

Straight/Thin Hair – Everyday

Wavy/Thick Hair – Alternate Days


2. Diet

diet for scalp acne treatment

As much as I hate to tell you that the juicy meat that you're about to bite into impacts your scalp acne, it does place a huge part. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Watching what you eat might prevent scalp acne.

You should avoid taking in food that are high in sugar and salt, greatly processed food, and carbonated drinks that is high in sugar.

Instead, eat more leafy greens, carrot, fruits and shrimps. You might want to consider taking quality probiotics. This will help you to digest well and absorb the good nutrients


3. Easy Daily Scalp Treatment

scalp tonic chanamu scalp tonic multivitamin treatment

Well, sometimes when prevention doesn't work, you head for solution. Luckily for you, scalp acne is a problem that many people wants to solve. There are tons for scalp treatment that you can use for scalp acne. But I would like to recommend products that consist tea tree. This natural ingredient has many benefits for your scalp which includes clearing clogged pores. It's ancient recipe to use tea tree oil to solve any scalp problems.

Right in Hanastory, we have our Chanamu Series which carries tea tree oil. From shampoo, to treatments. Prevention to cure.

Regardless of age, gender and race, scalp care should be as important as facial care.